BusinessNow is a Nordic consultancy company specialized in the implementation and automation of Service Management processes. Our work and scope covers the analysis and implementation of the full service life cycle from idea and strategy through to design, transition, operation and improvement


BusinessNow ensures that the everyday life of our customers become more structured, efficient and automated. This is essential even in small companies, because they experience many unstructured and expensive routines, which leads to stressed employees and poor quality of the services provided to customers. In an unstructured and stressful life, the energy spent on achieving an overview os too high, because the control with processes, roles and tools are inadequate, which is the foundation for the services provided.



Together with the customer we define what it takes, in order to achieve our goal. Definition of objective, requirements, success criteria, planning and change management are common tasks to ensure alignment of expectations, involvement and support of the necessary stakeholders.
From more than 50 years of experience, we know how critical and important the planning phase and cooperation are, in order to create a great and streamlined project with well defined objectives.

Together with the customer we define what it takes, in order to achieve our goal


Our approach to Service Management is that is must be based on the customer’s strategy, everyday work and challenges. Our holistic approach and years of experience ensures that we are able to establish balance and fill the gap between business value, processes, people and technologies, which combined creates the whole about the establishment and effectiveness of Service Management.



BusinessNow uses international standards, methods and frameworks such as ITIL, ISO 20000, COBIT and MOF as foundation for process definition, implementation, and ServiceNow configuration and support.
BusinessNow has more than 50 years of experience with processes and Service Management and more than 100 tool implementation projects under the belt.

Our experience, methods and structure leads the customer safely
through the challenges and decisions what till arise in the project

Our motto is to make sense based on customer needs, change management, best technology and years of experience in processes and Service Management

Meet the dedicated team behind BusinessNow: