Definition and establishment of processes

Process development and process implementation are two of BusinessNow’s most well-developed areas of experience. The company’s process consultants have collected more than 50 years of implementation experience through national and international experience. BusinessNow has from the many years of experience, gathered the best results and developed the best process templates, concepts, roles, road maps, etc. for how processes are implemented, managed and rooted in all types of organizations, in both the public and private sectors.

Our process consultants each have more than 10 years of consulting experience in Service Management. In addition to the great implementation experience, our consultants also have a deep insight into how the processes are to be developed so that ServiceNow can be configured without creating technical backlash during the process development.

BusinessNow educates all its process consultants in ServiceNow to create knowledge and insight into how ServiceNow can be configured. This ensures that the tuned process can be implemented in ServiceNow without surprises.