Contract Value Tracker – An automated and effect management of you contracts, in ServiceNow

Achieve maximum value from your

Make sure you get full value from your supplier contracts, also from agreements that have so far been forgotten or services that have not been delivered.

Save time on contract management.

By reducing the complexity you will save time. Contract Value Tracker manages and automates follow-up on supplier obligations in ServiceNow.

Achieve transparency

Be aware of who is responsible for checking supplier
Embed follow-up on supplier performance in your

Challenges whit the old way of managing contracts

A plethora of contracts means an abundance of time used on contract management.
Insufficient contract management could mean you are losing track of contracts and subsequently missing opportunities and generating losses.
Organizations want better contract management with a clear understanding of who is responsible for contracts in their different life cycle stages.

Contract Value Tracker organizes your contracts in ServiceNow

Contract Value Tracker is an innovative automated solution which maximizes the value of your vendor contracts in ServiceNow.
Contract Value Tracker notifies you if your suppliers do not fulfil their obligations.
Inadequate supplier performance is flagged and managed efficiently through automation in ServiceNow.

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